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The 'right weight'?
15 Apr 2013

We get lots of feedback from kids about weight. A lot of it is from early teens who are worried that they are too fat, too tall, too small or too thin!

Kids are not all the same size, shape, weight at the same age - and nor are adults.

  • Our genes set the pattern for our natural body size and shape.
  • Our metabolism (how fast we burn the fuel from our food) can explain why some people can "eat like a horse" and still be skinny while others only seem to "look at a cake" and put on weight!
  • Our lifestyle, the way we live our lives, has a big impact on the way we look.

If you have a healthy diet, sleep well and get enough exercise, then you will grow up to be 'just the right weight' for you.

Teens who are gradually turning into young men and women can get worried about the way they look. Our topic on Am I growing up normally? may help you to understand that young people have growth spurts, start puberty and have weight gains and losses during this time. Check out Puberty-boy changes ,girl changes

You may be the tallest or smallest kid in the class now, but, in two years time you may be average height.

It is normal for teenagers to become a bit self-conscious about their looks. Look at our topic on Body image

If you are worrying about the way you look, ask mum to take you to see your doctor. He or she will be able to check out how you are growing.

If others are being mean to you, Being teased has some tips to help you.