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Smile and be happy
01 Apr 2013

Are you a happy person? 

Some people seem happy all the time while others seem to be unhappy all the time. Most of us have times when we are sad and times when we are happy.   Happiness just doesn’t happen by itself. 

If you want to be happy ,  you need to put in some work.

  • Make friends. 
  • Smile at people.
  • Keep busy and active.
  • Exercise and eat healthy food.
  • Tell yourself you feel good.   Don’t let that little voice in your head make you feel unhappy.

No-one can make you happy. Happiness is something that you need to work on giving yourself. Our topic on Being happy may give you some ideas.

And if you’re a kid in South Australia you can be extra happy because you get extra holidays soon. You get a long weekend at Easter and then … it’s the end of term and you have 2 weeks holiday! Yay! 

Where’s that big smile?