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Social skills survey
25 Mar 2013

Our topic on Social skills has been on the site for 2 years now.

At the end of the topic you are asked if you would like to do a survey on which 5 social skills you feel are important, and which one is the most important of all.

These are the results of the survey, so far, on which is the most important social skill.

  • Respect 28%
  • Friendship 24%
  • Accepting differences 12%
  • Good manners 8%
  • Participation 8%
  • Listening 8%
  • Sharing 4%
  • Cooperation 4%
  • All of them! 4%

Thanks to all those who did the survey (we had kids from all over the world as well as Australia). But, if you haven't read this topic yet, then click here Social skills to find out what it's all about!