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Is it that time already???
11 Mar 2013

How do you start your day? …Leap out of bed as the sun rises, go for a jog, take the dog for a walk, shower, get dressed, have breakfast, pack your schoolbag (don't forget your homework!) and off to school?

Or do you cling to your bed until the last minute then race round like a whirlwind?

Whatever you do, don't miss breakfast. Breakfast is a word that means what it says - break the fast. Fasting is going without food.

All night, your body has been without food, and that's OK because it has been resting and only doing the jobs it absolutely has to do.

breakfast - kids WNNow that you're awake, it needs to power up with energy to get you started on your busy day. How does it do this? - breakfast

If you're an 'early bird', then you'll have time to do everything you need to do and leave for school feeling relaxed.

If you know that you really have problems getting up in the morning, then getting into the habit of organising everything the night before is a great idea. You won't have to race around the next morning and you will have time to eat breakfast.

Look at our topic Breakfast –a great way to start the day .It has some good ideas on how to fuel up your body to keep you going through the day.