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Starting a new year at school
21 Jan 2013

Are you excited about going to school, or are you feeling nervous? Well, everyone feels a bit nervous at the start of a new school year… even the teachers!

It's a good idea to get all your stuff organised before you start.

  • Check your school uniform (my son always managed to have a growth spurt during the summer holidays – what about you?)
  • Debug the school bag and clean it up. It's amazing what you can find lurking in the bottom. (Sometimes yukky too!)
  • Check out books, pencils and maths gear.
  • Sort out your sports equipment and clean it up.
  • Find your lunchbox, water container and HAT. We will have hot weather for a while yet so pack sunscreen too.

Leaving these tasks until the day you start school is not a good idea!

Are you starting the year in a new class, new school or with a whole lot of new people?

The first few days can be a bit stressful. You want to make friends, settle in to a school routine, start learning new stuff, start getting to know the teacher and what he or she expects from you.

There are lots of topics in the Your School section of this site which may be able to help you.

People can show their nervous feelings in different ways.

  • Some people can be loud and attention-seeking.
  • Some people can be very shy and try to be invisible.
  • Some people can make jokes and laugh a lot.
  • Some people can get very upset and tearful.
  • Some people pretend that they're bored or don't care.

However people behave in the first few days, it is often a bit of an act to deal with those nervous feelings.

Be aware of this and try hard to just be yourself…

  • It's OK to admit to yourself and a friend that you are a bit nervous.
  • It's OK to ask the teacher to explain something again if you didn’t to understand the first time.

Just be yourself, be friendly and work hard, and before you know it, you will feel part of the group and wonder why you felt so nervous before!