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Presents don’t have to be expensive
22 Dec 2008

Want to give presents but don't have much money? Here are some ideas.

Mums, dads, grandparents, teachers, aunties and uncles sports coaches all understand that kids don't have money. But there are some things you can make or do that will show you appreciate them and make them feel good too.

  • Make a card for them. It can be made on the computer, drawn by you or downloaded from a free website. You can email, send through snail mail or give it to them personally.
  • Draw a picture. Again you don't have to be a great artist but try to pick something which that person would like eg cats, sport, flowers.
  • Make up a poem and print it out in a special font. It could be about something that you both enjoyed, a funny thing that happened or saying what you like about that person.
  • Make a bookmark.
  • Give them a photo of you, your family or your team.
  • Grandparents especially like photos, foot or hand prints of little kids and family group photos. Maybe you could make them a special presentation of photos on power point or printed out onto card ?
  • If you have a craft hobby like scrapbooking, tomboy knitting, pottery or something arty crafty then choose a piece of your work to give as a present.
  • Make biscuits, chocolates or small cakes and wrap them in coloured see through paper or recycled jars. Ask the adults you live with to help with this.
  • Make IOU coupons, eg. IOU 4 hours on my computer game, or something else you know they would like.
  • Look for unusual pencil sharpeners or pens or buy cheap pens and decorate with a feather or beads or a transfer (you can get heaps of transfers for very little money).
  • Make a card of funny jokes, pictures of their pet or photos of friends.

Getting something that someone has made for you is special.