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Nearly time to change the clocks!
29 Sep 2008

Have you noticed that we seem to be getting lighter mornings? Maybe you are wakening up earlier?

Birds are certainly waking up early and are all excited, flying about. Watching young birds setting off to fly and finding their own food is an interesting thing to do on these fine early mornings.

Soon we will be changing the clocks and it will be summertime again.

Opportunities to spend more time outside.

  • Time for a change from winter to summer sports.
  • Time to dig out the bathers and shorts.
  • Time to think about wearing hats and checking to see that you take your water bottle to school with you.

It's often time for people who have asthma to make sure that their medication is up to date. Time to take your medication in the morning and to pack your puffer every day. The pollen count is pretty high, after all the lovely rain we had has made everything grow and burst into blossom.

We all look forward to warmer weather and clear blue skies. So, get ready and all set to go into summertime.