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Goodbye winter sports
15 Sep 2008

Did you play a winter team sport this year? Maybe you were in the footy, soccer, hockey, netball or basketball teams.

If you were, "good on you"!

Being part of a team is fun! And you get fitter too.

You may not be the best player on the team but if you were a regular player, even if you often sat 'on the bench', you were still part of a team.

Team sports are a great way to get fit, learn skills, get to know other kids, socialise, learn some self-discipline and… have fun!

OK, it may have been really cold at times, but running soon warmed you up and you weren't on your own.

Being in a team means that your parents or caregivers can get together too. It's good for kids to interact with adults and for adults to be able to meet and get to know your team mates and their parents.

End of winter sports? OK - what are you going to play in summer?