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End of season sport breakups
08 Sep 2008

Sports breakups are great fun, and not just for the people who get the trophies and awards!

Most teams give awards at the end of the season. Maybe you have had an award before? Maybe your team won their division or league? Maybe you came last?

It doesn't matter who gets awards.

Someone may be feeling a bit sad that he or she didn't get a trophy. Most teams nowadays give a certificate or small trophy to every person who was in the team. It's a way of saying thank you and a way of showing that every member of the team is important.

Even if you are not terribly good at your sport, if you hadn't turned up then your team wouldn't have been able to play. So, if you don't get any trophies it doesn't really matter.

Being part of a team, playing together, having fun together, following the coach's instructions have all been good experience for learning to cooperate and get along with others.

And anyway, next season you'll be bigger, your skills will be better and you'll know a lot more about the game!

So, enjoy your breakup. Clap the winners. That means clap everyone because all team players are winners.