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When brothers or sisters annoy you
01 Sep 2008

"How do you deal with an annoying younger/older brother or sister?" This question is often asked by frustrated brothers or sisters.

It's not easy being the older sibling. But it's not easy being younger siblings either! Each kid's position in the family has its challenges.

Your family are the people who are going to be around for the rest of your life, so it's worthwhile learning how to cope with each other.

We have written some topics about understanding each other. These topics may help you.

Watch out for a new topic on Happy Families. It will be online soon after some South Australian schoolkids have worked with us and made their comments and drawn their pictures.

If things get really bad with a brother or sister, then you need to talk about it with your parents or caregivers.

If you get really angry, then our topic on Anger- being the boss of your anger may help you to regain control of your feelings.

Remember that no-one can make you feel angry or upset - you are choosing to let yourself feel that way.