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What’s new at New Year
25 Dec 2006

The start of our calendar year is January 1st. It is traditional for people to think about making a new start with something in their lives at this time.

We call this making a New Year Resolution.

Resolving to make changes is not always easy. Well, making the resolution is easy, but actually carrying it out may be a bit challenging.

These are some of the things people decide to do at the start of the New Year.

  • Changing a habit – this could mean getting yourself organised so that you are up to date with everything at school.
  • Giving up something – this could mean spending less time on computer games, cutting out junk food, etc.
  • Learning something new – this could mean anything from getting into sport to starting to learn a musical instrument.
  • Goal setting – this could mean setting some long-term goals, then working out some short-term goals that help you reach them.

Our topics on Goal-setting and Resilience may help you.

What kind of resolutions might you make? How long will you keep them?