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Wishes for Christmas
18 Dec 2006

Well it's started! On TV and in the shops, in the junk mail and adverts – everywhere we look, we see pictures of kids with huge expensive presents.

Christmas treeAll the Christmas movies show kids having great feasts of food and piles of presents around the huge and beautiful Christmas tree.

In real life it is not always like that.

  • Maybe your family hasn't got much money.
  • Maybe your mum or dad are out of work.
  • Maybe someone in the family is sick.
  • Maybe you don't have a family.

Christmas is a Christian celebration of the birthday of Christ. The best birthday present we can give Him is to care about each other, be happy with what we've got and try to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Have you been doing all sorts of Christmas activities at school? Here are some ideas from a class of Reception kids for nice Christmas wishes that would help make others happy.

* That everyone would have food to eat.
* That kids in hospital would get presents.
* That families would be together.
* That all kids would have somewhere to live.
* That all kids would have a family to care for them.
* That there would be no wars.
* That everyone would be happy.

Got the idea? Hope you have a happy and peaceful Christmas.