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Finding what you're looking for
20 Nov 2006

Thank you for sending us messages through the Feedback button. It's good to hear from the many kids and adults who write to us.

related topics, feedback, search buttonLooking at our statistics, it seems that most of you look at the categories, then scroll down until you find a topic that interests you. But reading your questions, it seems that many of you read a topic, don't find the exact information you want, but don't check out the related topics that are listed at the right hand side of each topic.

Let me give you an example. Maybe you were looking for something about colour blindness. You read the topic Eyes facts and questions, but didn't get all the information you wanted. If you check out the related topics you will find one called Colour blindness.

Another way of searching is to type in the words in the Search box, eg. 'colour blindness' - and a list of topics will come up that have something about colour blindness in them.

One of the most popular topics is Puberty. Because there are so many changes to bodies and feelings during puberty, we had to write several topics. Of course we could have written one long topic, but that would take ages to download and even longer to read, and the information you want could take ages to find. If you don't find what you are looking for in one topic then the related topics on the side of the screen may have just what you are looking for.

Still can't find it? Let us know on the Feedback button.

Happy searching.