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Skin cancer
13 Nov 2006

Skin Cancer Awareness Week is 19th to 26th November 2006. What has this got to do with kids, you may ask?

Well, the sun is there every day, and some of the rays that the sun gives out can damage skin. Kids have young and sensitive skin, and it need looking after.

Unfortunately, many older people didn’t know how much damage the sun can do to skin, and many of them are now going off to the doctor to have skin cancers taken off their faces, ears, arms and legs. Some skin cancers can be removed and that is the problem solved, but other skin cancers get into the body and come up somewhere else. These can cause someone to be very ill or even to die.

Looking after your skin when you are young can help you to avoid skin cancers later on.

So remember to…

Slip on a tee shirt
Slop on the sunscreen
Slap on a hat, and
Wrap on the sunnies.

We all look forward to summer, to sunny days and warm weather, but we need to be careful. Sunshine makes us feel good, but we don't need the dangerous rays from the sun.

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