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Are you using the search button?
30 Oct 2006

Isn't it annoying when you are looking for information and you just can't find it? That’s why we have 3 ways of looking for information on this site.

You can look at the categories to find a topic, eg.
- Your school
- Your family.
Topic categories
You can look at the alphabetical list of topics. topics - A-Z
You can type a word, or a few words, into the search box and click the button. Search

If you want to be sure to get all the information, then using the search button is probably easiest.

  • Type in your word, eg. 'self-esteem' - then a list of topics that have something about self-esteem will come up. These include a whole topic called 'Self-esteem'.
  • You can choose whichever one you think will be closest to what you want to know.

Once you are in a topic, if you look at the side of the screen, you can see what categories we have, and by clicking on one of them you can quickly see what topics are in there.

If you just want a small piece of information from a topic, then look at the headings at the beginning of the topic and click on which one looks like it will have the information that you want.

Happy searching!