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National Week of Deaf People – 14 to 20 October
16 Oct 2006

Some people have problems with hearing. This can range from a slight hearing loss to not being able to hear at all.

Maybe someone in your family has problems with their hearing? If you want to find out more, you could look at Ears - how your ears work and Ears – hearing problems.

We live in a very noisy world these days. Everywhere we go we are surrounded by noise – from traffic, in school, at the shopping mall, from machinery, from air-conditioners – the list goes on.

Lots of kids enjoy using computer games and listening to music. You may have a personal music player which has headphones so that others can't hear your music. You need to take care that you do not have the volume up too loud, or you could be damaging your hearing.

Our topics Ears - looking after your ears and Ears - keeping your ears safe from noise can give you some good info on taking care of your hearing.

If you are lucky enough not to have problems with hearing, then maybe you can find out more about hearing problems so that you can understand what it is like for some kids who are not so lucky. Your understanding and caring may make you a better friend.

If you or your friend have a hearing problem, look at – you may want to learn how to use sign language or get involved in activities.