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Kidsafe day
09 Oct 2006

11th October is National Kidsafe Day –see the website at

Lots of kids are injured every day. Kids do tend to get excited – they run around, don't look where they are going, don't think before they do something, and often don't recognise danger. Having a bump, a bruise, a graze or a cut is part of every kid's life.

But, sometimes a cuddle and a plaster don't fix the hurt. Sometimes accidents are much more serious.

We have a whole section called Your safety. In it you can read about ways to keep you safe – from fire, from pets, at the beach, if you live on a farm, and other times when you could be in danger.

Most accidents to kids happen at home, and many accidents could be avoided if you and your family work together to make your home a safer place.

Look at our topic Safety from fire and use the checklist to find out how safe your home is, or look at this checklist on the Kidsafe site:

Help keep you and your family safe by checking through this list with mum, dad or whoever cares for you. Everyone can help to keep kids safe, especially other kids like you.