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When you just gotta go—and you can't!
25 Sep 2006

Sometimes you really feel like you want to go to the toilet and do a poo. Your tummy feels tight, you feel all fat and almost that you might burst! But when you get there, you can't go! You might be constipated (say cons-ti-pate-ed).

Well, you could sit there for hours or you could do something about it.

  • Try a good walk or run.
  • Drink extra water.
  • Listen to music while you're in there.
  • Rub your tummy round and round.
  • Tell mum.

She may give you some medicine that will help - but it doesn't work right away. She may give you a couple of spoons full of some kind of oil. If things are desperate, she may even come up with a suppository (say sup-oz-it-or-ee), something like a 'jelly' bean that can be put into the anus and then after a few minutes, everything will start to work again!

Constipation is really uncomfortable, so try to avoid it if possible. Exercise, extra water and regular habits are a big help. Try to eat, sleep and go to the toilet at around the same time every day, and next time you gotta go — you will!

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