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Soft drinks are hard on teeth
18 Sep 2006

Do you like soft drinks or fizzy drinks - the really 'cool' drinks that everyone loves? Well maybe your teeth will want to have a word about that!

Soft drinks have sugar and acid in them, which give that tangy flavour that seems to quench your thirst. Some kids, especially teenagers, drink lots of soft drinks. They are old enough to go out with friends, hang out at the shopping mall and go to the movies.

Dentists are noticing that some teenagers' teeth look yellowish. This is a bad sign for young teeth. It means that the acid and sugar are damaging the tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is the hard surface layer of the tooth.

So, drink lots of water, and when you are out with your friends carry a bottle of tap water with you so that if you just have to have something sweet at the café, then you can at least rinse your mouth afterwards. Our tap water has fluoride in it, which helps protect teeth against decay.

Why not drink milk? Milk helps to grow strong, healthy bones and teeth and is a better choice than something which increases your chances of having to have fillings.

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