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Check out your teeth
04 Sep 2006

  • Do you brush your teeth well at least twice a day, and especially after eating?
  • Do you check out your teeth with the dentist or dental nurse every 6 months?
  • Do you drink lots of tap water?
  • Do you only have a sweet treat once a week?

If you said yes to all of these questions, then you should have pretty healthy teeth.

Many kids nowadays drink a lot more water than kids used to. Many kids drink spring water (which costs money) rather than the water out of the tap. In Australia, our tap water has fluoride added to it which is good for stopping teeth from getting decay.

Australian kids over many years have had really good strong teeth and hardly any tooth decay. But recently, dental health professionals have noticed that more kids are needing to have dental work done to repair teeth. They believe that drinking bottled water rather than tap water is a big cause of more kids having tooth decay.