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A healthy you
28 Aug 2006

  • Have you been learning about food and a healthy diet at your school?
  • Has mum, dad or whoever cares for you started a diet?
  • Do you and your family do active things together, like bike-riding, walking, or playing sport?

Now that we are getting to the last part of winter, the weather should be getting warmer and the days are starting to get longer. Adults often start to think about getting into shape for the time when warm weather means fewer clothes and having more time to do outside things at the end of the day.

Maybe it's time for you to start thinking too.

  • What are you eating? Do you have treat foods every day or only now and again?
  • What kind of activity are you involved in?
  • What do you do at recess and lunch? Do you hang around or play games which keep you moving?

If you get into good habits about food and exercise when you are young, then you will be a healthier adult. Getting healthy habits is a bit like starting a savings account when you are a kid so that you’ve got some money for later on, when you need it.

You've only got one body, so make the most of it!

Look at our topics on Eating healthy food, Exercise and Fitness if you want some ideas.