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Computers and eyes
14 Aug 2006

Most kids nowadays can use a computer. Many kids have their own computer at home, and all kids use computers at school.

You can use a computer for so many things - like emailing friends, chatting on internet sites, finding information for school projects, learning how to type, practising maths, using educational CDs, listening to music, playing movies and… heaps of other things.

You can do so much with a computer that you may be spending too much time on it.

computerLots of kids nowadays are starting to have problems with their eyesight because they are spending too much time looking at a screen which is not far away from their eyes.

Your eyes have little muscles which help you to focus on whatever you are looking at, wherever it is, near or far. Looking at something at the same distance all the time means that these little muscles are not getting a good work-out changing focus.

You can help by:

  • not spending too much time staring at the screen
  • looking up and around the room often
  • blinking often so that your eyes don't get dry
  • trying some eye exercises like looking at the keyboard then through the window or the other end of the room (do it ten times quickly so that your eye muscles have to work fast, then ten times slowly).

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