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Second semester
17 Jul 2006

Second semester means the second half of the school year. In the first semester you started a new year level, maybe in a new class and with a new teacher. At half way through the year you will have got to know your teacher, made new friends or continued friendships with kids you already know, and you should be feeling pretty much settled.

How are you doing so far? Enjoying school? If the answer is "Not a lot", then maybe it's time to do a bit of thinking.

What is it that is making school life an unhappy experience? Write everything down and let's see what you have got.

  • no friends?
  • work too hard or too easy?
  • getting into trouble?
  • having trouble keeping up?
  • problems at home?

Whatever you have written down, you have made a start on fixing the problem. Just working out what is wrong is helping you to make things better.

If you have problems with friendships, have a look at our topics on Friendship, Problems with friendship and No friends (easy read). Maybe you will find some tips to help you.

Did you have an interview with your teacher and parents in the last few weeks? Having a talk with the teacher can help you to sort out any problems you may have with work being too hard or too easy. If you haven't had a talk yet, ask mum, dad, or whoever cares for you to make an appointment early next term so that together you can find ways of solving this problem.

If you are finding yourself getting behind in work or not knowing what is going on, then our topics No school please, Homework and Going well at school may help you get back on track and feeling happier about starting school next term.

If you are having problems at home, there are many topics in our 'You and your family' section which may help.

The one thing that will help you with any problems you may have is talking about it to someone. Do you have a group of trusted adults? Who are they? People like your parents, grandparents, other relatives, older friends, teachers, counsellors and medical professionals are people you can trust.

If you have a really big problem and don't know what to do, then you can always ring Kids Helpline anytime on 1800 551 800. The people there will help you to find someone near where you live who can help you.

Putting things off will not make problems go away, so get started and have a great second semester.