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Saying sorry
10 Jul 2006

Reconciliation day or 'Sorry day' is a day when we all think about some of the bad things that have happened in the past to Aboriginal people, and we feel sorry that these bad things happened.

Everyone can make mistakes. Everyone can act without really thinking. When we have done something wrong, we know that we can say sorry and hope that we can make things better again.

Some people seem to be good at saying sorry, but they don't show that they are sorry. Often they make the same mistakes over and over again. They say, 'sorry' after every time.

Some kids make a game of being 'sorry'. They bully other kids and then say "sorry" and think that's OK - "But I said sorry!" Would you trust and believe in someone who behaved like that?

Saying sorry and meaning it can be hard to do. Some people think that saying sorry will make them look weak and wussy.

Remember that every action has a reaction. For example, if you run around a corner you could bump into someone, knock that person down and they could be hurt. Your action caused all that to happen. You could say sorry to that person, but showing you are sorry would be by being careful to walk round corners in the future, so that you wouldn't knock anyone over again.