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How cold it is!
26 Jun 2006

We have had some very cold weather recently haven't we? (in Australia, that is.)

Does your school have heaters? Do you have air conditioners which cool and heat? Do you have heating at home?

Many kids travel to school by car, so they rush off, get into the car and get to school, where they sit in warm classrooms. Then off they go outside to find that… it's freezing cold! Many kids don't even have a jumper or jacket with them.

playing on the ovalYes, there are some kids who don't seem to feel the cold and they rush madly around the yard or the oval playing sport at every break. But there are lots of others who are not so active, and they stand around shivering, trying to sit in the Resource Centre or hang around the classroom just waiting to get back in where it is warm.

It makes sense to have a jumper or a jacket at this time of year. If it's warm you can always take it off. If it's cold or raining when you are moving from one class to another, then it is only your jumper or jacket that gets wet, so you can take it off and not have to sit around in wet clothes.

Warming up your muscles makes you feel warm, so don't stand around if you are outside, keep moving. Having a good walk round with your friends will get you warm and you will still be able to talk to each other. Standing around saying, "It's freezing!" just makes you feel colder.

So, get your jumper or jacket, move about when you can and never mind the weather.