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Puberty changes
14 Nov 2005

It's great that so many of you use the feedback button to make comments, ask for topics or to tell your story. Sometimes you ask questions too, and unfortunately we can't answer them because our feedback doesn't ask for an email address.

However, we can try to answer your questions in the things we add to the site. Many questions are about how confused some of you feel as you reach puberty.

There are all sorts of questions about puberty - periods, body changes, mood changes, changes in relationships with friends and family, changes in how you are thinking and how you are changing as a person. Puberty is the time of your life when there are so many changes, it sometimes feels very hard to make sense of everything all at once.

You are not alone! Everyone goes through puberty and parents do it more than once!

Really! They go through Puberty themselves and then all over again when their kids start heading towards all those changes. Even if you think of your parents as being really old, I think they will still remember what it was like for them - so they are good people to talk to. Don't worry about things on your own. Talk to parents, trusted adults, teachers and counsellors.

In the Nearly Teens section we have a lot of topics that can answer at least some of your questions. If you think of anything else, then press that feedback button and let us know.