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Keeping fit in winter
01 Aug 2005

Sometimes it is really hard getting going when it's cold or wet, the sky is grey and you seem to have had rainy lunchtimes for ever!

But look at all the great things you can do in winter that will keep you warm, get you fit and be lots of fun too!

  • Great field games like football, soccer, hockey and lacrosse are played in winter. There is lots of running about – you may get wet and muddy, but that is fun too.
  • Sports like basketball, squash, badminton are played indoors – you could join indoor soccer, cricket, volleyball or netball teams.
  • Getting out on your bike, walking, cross country running, or walking the dog are just a few of the free things you can do to get warm, keep fit and have fun with friends and family.
  • Why not try a different type of fitness? Dance, swimming, karate, tai chi, gymnastics… There are dozens more – all you have to do is ask your friends what they are doing or look in your local newspaper to see what's around.
  • Maybe you could join scouts, guides, your local youth group or a similar type of group which involves you in fun activities with other kids.

It's okay to exercise your eyeballs and thumbs playing computer games sometimes – but how good does it feel when your eyes are all sore, your thumbs hurt and you have a headache from hunching over a computer screen all day? Then how good does your body feel when you are all glowing and bright-eyed after playing outside?

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