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Feedback about topics on our website
20 Aug 2017

Every day we get feedback about the topics on this site.

This is great because we like to hear from you!

Most of the feedback is from kids, some is from parents, some from teachers, and some from people who work with children.

Usually the feedback is about a particular topic that someone liked, but sometimes it is from someone who is worried about something that is happening in his or her life.

  • Maybe they have no friends or find it difficult to make friends.
  • Maybe something bad is happening to them or their family.
  • Maybe they feel bad about themselves and the way they look.
  • Maybe they have to deal with being sick or are unable to do the kinds of things that most kids are able to do, because of a disability.

We cannot reply to someone using Feedback but many of the topics on this site have been written because of the questions and suggestions you have sent in through the Feedback section of this site.

Check out the ‘Feelings’ section of this site and you will find topics which may be helpful to you.
Remember - if you are worrying about something then you need to talk to your trusted adults.

Who are yours?
They might be Mum, Dad, Auntie, Uncle, Teacher, School Counsellor, Sports coach, etc

If you are feeling unsafe and can’t talk to a trusted adult then wherever you live in Australia, you can talk to people who can help you by calling the Kid's Helpline 1800 55 1800 (it doesn't cost any money).

In South Australia you could also call the Child Abuse Report Line 13 14 78.

If you don't live in Australia, look online or in the telephone book where you live to find the number of your Kids Helpline.

Thanks for using the Feedback button.

Stay safe and healthy.