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The dangers of tongue piercing
08 Oct 2014

Oral piercings can be much more painful than other piercings, and they can take up to two months to heal and because your mouth is home to millions of bacteria, it is vital to care for your mouth carefully during this period.

After the piercing has healed there can be some problems that develop much later.

  • Gum disease – people with oral piercings have a greater risk of gum disease than those without oral piercings. The jewellery can injure soft gum tissue, causing it to recede. This not only looks unattractive, but leaves the tooth root more vulnerable to decay.
  • Damage to teeth – teeth that come into contact with mouth jewellery can chip or crack, and this might lead to a tooth abscess.
  • Teeth with fillings or crowns can also be damaged.

Recently the Australian Dental Association warned of the danger of very expensive dental work that might be needed when damage to a tooth by a tongue piercing.

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