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Managing hay fever this spring
16 Sep 2013

Hay fever is common in spring, because of the pollens circulating in the air. Hay fever is caused by breathing in, through the nose, something that the person is allergic to in the air. Pollen is a common allergen, as is animal fur, tobacco smoke and house dust mite.

Here are a few tips to help manage hay fever this spring:

  • Keep windows and doors closed on windy high pollen count days (eg windy spring days).
  • Stay indoors on days with a high pollen count in the air or when the lawn is being mowed.
  • Use preventive medicines on 'high risk' days.
  • Avoid other triggers such as tobacco smoke.
  • It may be useful to try to reduce house dust mite, which could be one of the triggers of a runny, itchy nose - see the parenting topic 'House dust mites'.
  • If you are sensitive to some animals, stay away from those animals as much as possible. Keep pets out of the house, or at least out of your bedroom.

A check by a doctor is important to be sure that the problem is hay fever. Symptoms that seem like hay fever may be caused by other problems, such as sinusitis.

See our topic hay fever for more.