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How to keep fit and avoid injury
08 Jul 2013

Physical activity, such as sport, is a great way to have fun, keep fit and feel good. Sporting injuries can occur when you over do it, or through a specific event, but some injuries can be prevented.

To help to reduce your risk:

  • Warm up and cool down correctly before and after physical activity.
  • Use the proper safety equipment.
  • Drink plenty of fluids while exercising.
  • Don’t play when already injured.
  • Know the rules of the game.
  • Have regular and thorough physical examinations
  • Choose sporting clubs and venues carefully
  • Choose clubs which have coaches who care for the physical health of players
  • Choose venues that use umpires who won’t accept rough play.

If you do injure yourself, the injury should be treated properly and immediately to prevent any further damage.

For more about injuries and how to avoid them, read our topic ‘Sporting injuries’.