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Food Safety Fundamentals
03 Dec 2012

Recent research on food poisoning and contamination has shown that nearly half of all cases (44%) are due to cross-contamination and improper storage conditions.

The SA Department of Health and Ageing have produced a short Food Safety Fundamentals video that outlines the four food safety tips - clean, separate, chill and cook.

The video can be viewed on the South Australian Health website

  • Cleaning includes making sure that you wash your hands thoroughly and clean your kitchen benches, equipment and utensils before and during cooking, especially when you change from handling meat and poultry to fruit and vegetables.
  • Separating is about understanding what foods should be kept separate and how to do this, such as using different chopping boards for your vegetables and your meats and storing raw meat low in the refrigerator so that any drip is contained and does not contaminate other foods.
  • Chill is about knowing how long you can keep perishable food in the fridge, what is and isn’t perishable and how long food can be out of the fridge.
  • Properly cook food to safe internal temperatures, which includes cooking chicken all the way through, so that the juices run clear and there is no pink meat.