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Link between video game playing and being overweight
08 Jun 2012

Many research studies have shown that young people who play a lot of video games are more likely to be overweight. One theory about why this may be so is that people who play a lot of video games exercise less than other young people, and this may be part of the picture – but it is not the full picture.

A recent Canadian research study looked at how hungry some young men felt after playing video games and the amount of food that they ate compared to when they had just been sitting and resting. They found that although the young men did not feel hungrier after playing the games, compared to when they were just sitting and resting, they actually ate a lot more food when offered as much food as they wanted.

They used up a bit more energy playing the games compared to when they were just sitting, but they ate much more than they needed to make up for this difference. This excess amount of food eaten could be enough to lead to weight gain.

Other studies have shown that people eat more when they feel stressed, even when they do not feel hungry. Why we eat and how much we eat is a very complex topic.