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Are sunscreens safe for babies?
12 Jan 2015

Sunscreen creams and gels are safe for babies, and they should be used on the parts of a baby’s skin that cannot be protected from the sun in other ways.

However they not the best ways to protect a baby from sunburn. Babies do not need to have time in the sun to be healthy. Keep them under shade or inside, even if there is light cloud outside (UV rays get through cloud).

If they need to be in sunshine, cover as much of their body as possible in clothes and a hat. Use other ways to shade them, such as a light sheet or the cover of a pram or pusher, and a window blind in the car.

Use a 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen. Those labelled as being for sensitive skin, or especially for babies, may be less likely to irritate the skin. Zinc creams, including the ones that you use on a baby’s bottom, are very effective sunscreens.

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