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Being a dad
01 Oct 2012

Dads have a special and important role in their children's lives. You are vital to your baby even if he does not seem to respond to you much in the early weeks.

Every contact you have with your baby will help him develop and learn about himself and the world. This helps shape his brain for future success. When fathers are involved with their babies they do better in all sorts of ways later in life including better relationships, education, employment and health.

No-one can replace a caring father!

In the past, fathers were often responsible for discipline and setting rules and mothers did most of the caring. There's now much more flexibility in what each parent does and more sharing of the parenting role.

Sometimes fathers feel unsure about what is expected of them. This is partly because there is no clear difference between 'men's work' and 'women's work' any more. You may know what kind of dad you want to be, or don't want to be, based on memories of your own childhood. There is no one right way and no recipe for being a dad.

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