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What about food allergies?
27 Aug 2012

Food allergies have become more common in recent years. Symptoms of food allergy include:

  • skin rashes on the body
  • swellings
  • vomiting
  • wheezing or other breathing problems 
  • in rare cases, collapse.

It is important to introduce new foods into your child's diet one at a time and waiting several days before introducing another food. This gives times to find out if your child has any sensitivities or allergies to particular foods. There is no need to delay the introduction of food such as peanuts and eggs unless you have been advised to do so by a health professional. These foods can be introduced into your child's diet from six months onwards provided they are given in an appropriate texture such as peanut paste and well mashed, well cooked egg.

If you think your child has a food allergy, stop giving your child the food causing the reaction. If your child has symptoms including breathing difficulties or collapse, seek emergency medical attention. If you think your child might have a food allergy, see your doctor to help identify the trigger for your child's reaction. If the food is required to be avoided, your doctor and other health professionals are available to make sure you get the appropriate information and education. A referral to a specialist might be required.

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